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Science Laboratory

Science Laboratory

Physics Lab

Physics lab has an adequate space with various well equipped experimental devices like Vernier Calipers, Screw Gauge, Spherometer, Ammeter, Voltmeter, Galvanometer, Optical Bench, Travelling Microscope, Prism, Glass slab, Lens, Mirror, Transistor, Diode Potentiometer, Meter Bridge, Resistance box, Rheostat, battery eliminator, primary cells etc. All apparatus are of superior quality and high efficiency. The laboratory has all required facility like smart class and white board etc.

Chemistry Lab

Chemistry lab is well equipped with all necessary modern equipment’s, electronic balance and good quality of chemicals. The lab is well ventilated with desired number of exhaust fans. To avoid any accident in the lab, fire extinguisher is also available. Fridge is also available to store necessary chemicals. Many charts and models are displayed in the lab.

Importance of laboratory equipment’s for Students

Labs have become very important these days. Experiments often take place in research labs because that’s where innovations happen. These offer students the opportunity of learning chemistry through hands on experiences. This helps them to enhance their learning & thinking skills. It helps the students to be more competitive and help to achieve their goals by inculcating in them higher order thinking skills. Students can learn with practical experiments in the school laboratories about the scientific methods such as collecting data, experimenting & testing hypothesis. This will help the students be more enthusiastic and appreciative towards Chemistry.

Biology Lab

A Biology lab is a resource site for biology teachers and students. Our school is well equipped with biology lab to give the student greater opportunity of learning about internal structures of plants and animals by section cutting through materials. They can easily identify the anatomy of plants through dissecting and compound microscope. Our lab consists of various specimens of plants and animals, frog and fowl bones, human anatomy set and both big and small skeletal system for students to understand human and animals body structure in an interesting and attractive way. The lab also has all the required facilities like smart class and white board to provide an easy access to students understanding.

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