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Geography Lab

Geography Lab

Geography Lab

Geography lab plays a pivotal role in enriching geographical base of a student’s — a necessary part of learning that exposes students to full spectrum of disciplinary subfields — physical human and nature-society geography as well as geographical techniques. The lab is well equipped with a series of maps, topographic sheets and a Varity of survey equipments like tracing table, thermometers, barometers, magnetic compass, electric globe, anemoters, windwane, standard time indicator and wet and dry bulb etc. Field trips are organize for students to study the natural occupancy of various facts and inform about physical changes with the help of global positioning system and geographical information system. All these are available in our school lab. Our school lab is well specialized in the development of qualitative and quantitative research skills in school. Our school geography lab is well equipped with following facilities:-

  1. Geographical lab equipments:- 8 sets of plane & table survey, 3 sets of chain & tape survey, tracing table, alidade, trough compass, ranging rods, plumb bob, tripods and measuring taps. These geographical instruments give a precise measures of crystal angles, angular directions, location with time.
  2. Charts and Maps:- Map of world, regional maps, maps of continents, map of the country, map of India, Political, Physical and many thematically maps.
  3. Geographical models:- Interior of the earth, Different river action, Oxygen and carbon cycle, volcanic system, formation of rocks, glacial landscape, solar system, formation of day and night etc.
  4. Gemorpholgical models:- Conversion plate boundaries, transform plate, fold mountain, ground water, oxbow lake, estuary, gulf, lagoon etc.
  5. Audio visual aids:- Smart classes
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