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Club And Activities

Club And Activities

Spanish Language Club

An opportunity to students of class I to VIII to learn a new foreign language.

Spoken English Club

English being part of curriculum but still children find it difficult to speak with correct grammar. Our aim is our students from small to big should speak in English, so to try to fulfill this aim, we have added this activity.

Yoga Club

Under this club students learn the art of yoga which is the most convenient art of the present times. Here students learn to form various yoga postures which helps them in making their body fit and flexible.

Karate & Taekwondo Club

To face the fierce world, boys and girls are trained in the art of Karate & Taekwondo which enables them to be ready for self-defence in face of danger.

Physical Training Club

P.T. demonstration by students ensures to develop the awareness among the students regarding the significance of a healthy body.

Scout & Guide Club

Through this school tries to prepare a junior army who could provide their services to the country as and when required.

Gymnasium Club

A fully furnished gymnasium room with most modern and latest machines to work out on, is provided to the students. This facility helps to keep the students fit, active and strong. Interested students are also allowed to avail these facilities in the evening classes from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Under the supervision of an able PTI, students exercise and workout on these machines.

Computer Activity Club

Apart from the computer period enlisted in the class time table of every class, students opt for computer club to explore more and more about computers under the guidance of their teacher. Latest updated softwares available in school helps to catch to the needs of the students.

Science & Eco Club

Various talks, discussions and speeches are held under the science club. The students are taught about the judicious use of various natural resources, they are made aware and informed about various environment issues, new medical researches and modern scientific techniques. Students showcase their creativity, alertness and love towards the environment and science through their project works and models.

Literary Club

In this literary club students are taught the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Here various competitions are held like recitation, essay writing, extempore, debate in both the languages which augment the oratory skills of students and equip them with better articulation.

Acting Club

The skill and art of acting among students are developed in the Acting club. Here the students learn the different aspects of dramatics and acting.

Art & Craft Club

In this club students learn to fill colours to their imagination and give wings to their creativity. Here they learn to draw, paint and prepare various art pieces out of clay, paper Mache, Paster of Paris etc.

Dance & Music Club

Interested students enroll themselves in the club where they learn to play various musical instruments and dances of various forms and styles from their music and dance teachers.

Basketball Club

Games, as we all know are a very essential part of our day to day life. Being an eternal part of our life it gives immense pleasure to our students when they represent our school at national as well as state level.

Baseball Club

We are very happy to declare this good news for our students and school that this new games activity has been added to our extra-curricular activity i.e. baseball which added zeal and passion to our students enthusiasm for these sports activity.

Brass Band Club

Students learn to play brass band instruments and develop their skills. They enjoy this group activity and play instrument on various occasions like Independence Day, Republic day, school annual day and sports day. The students take part eagerly as they get opportunity to perform on the important day of our country.

Table Tennis Club

Table Tennis also develops dexterity and focus. Dexterity, the ability to use your hands skillfully, is developed by hitting or brushing the ball toward a target, with different forces and different angles of the racket using both sides of the hand – Backhand or Forehand. Table Tennis also improves Focus.

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